Seeing Beauty in Repetition

Beauty In Repetition

I have never been a fan of doing the same things over and over again for a long period of time. “Mundane” and “routine” are taboo words for me, especially when it comes to work. I don’t know but I always found repetitive tasks boring and stagnant. I saw it as a problem. Why? Because if I kept that outlook I will be job-hopping all my life.

Not that job-hopping is bad but I felt something was wrong. And so I started to look at things differently…

A former GM gifted me with a straightforward style pocketbook called The Fred Factor by Mark Sanborn. It’s the story of ordinary jobs made extraordinarily remarkable by the person providing exceptional customer service.

The main takeaways? Don’t just meet expectations, go BEYOND. Don’t just give, give MORE. Don’t just do, do WITH PASSION.

So where is the beauty in repetition, you might ask. The beauty lies in what you see, how you perceive things and what you do to break that pattern.

From then on when I spotted repetition, I innovate. I found variations to reach the outcome. Instead of method A, I crafted method B or C or D and so on. If I finish a mundane task in 8 hours, I challenge myself in finishing it in 7.5 hours, then 7, then 6.5, without compromising quality.

And speaking of Quality, it’s indispensable in my book. The day I chose to become a VA (Virtual Assistant), I re-discovered myself. It’s like me, reborn. When I was asked to comment for blogs, I did a lot of reading so I can appreciate more. I did not downplay the task; on the contrary, I educated myself so in turn I wrote educated comments. Because of the repetitive nature of the job, I had extra time to “see” how my clients could improve their business. I wrote down suggestions – all sorts. Some were appreciated, some were not used, but some were implemented. Isn’t that cool?

Always put things into perspective. The formula, repetition = working for money, doesn’t work for me. My winning formula as a VA is repetition+seeing beauty in it = self-discovery, self-actualisation, passion and income.

Break that pattern!

~ Alesah