How I Switched from Corporate to Work from Home

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Being part of an Outsourcing firm and as a VA, I have heard people asking what the benefits are in working from home. Many of them do not want the stress of daily commute, supervisors hovering around, shopping and dressing up for work and memos from tardiness. These are obviously an enumeration of the benefits of working from home. What surprises me is that simultaneously, they also want the goodies they get from the corporate setting – promotions, salary increase, leaves, employer share of social security, allowances, and more. Why, people want the best of both worlds!

Why not, I know. However, that would probably mean being employed by a large conglomerate or corporation with a program that affords its employees to work from home. But this is not the case of a VA, unfortunately.

Before one should even consider looking for contracts as a Virtual Assistant, one must know what to expect and what clients expect. This is important, because the setup is just not the same. What is similar, though, is if you are a person who puts value into work, injects quality in every process and is driven by results, then you are the ideal Candidate in both worlds. Sans the everyday politics of all sorts in an office setting.

I have worked in various companies – Filipino owned, American owned, local, global, big, small. All the skills I have gained I packed in my arsenal – PC, typing, customer service, Internet research. These skills I combined with aptitude, an entrepreneurial mindset, and adaptability to change. On my free time, I took odd online jobs – mystery shopping, paid photography, transcription, data entry. After a decade or so, I knew I was ready to leave the corporate world.

It has been two years now since I started as a work from home contractor. And I am happy sipping a tea or coffee while sitting on a bed or chair with a pillow on my back. The usual benefits given by companies may be absent, but I am happy. I talk to the business owners, they take my advice, they treat me as a friend and value my services. Some even consider me as a business partner – isn’t that better than many corporate promotions!

Once again, switching from corporate to work from home may be challenging to many but ideal to some. It all depends on one’s value for work, flexibility and mindset. And guess what, even some entrepreneurs work from home and they’re happy because they have more time to be with their families.

My advice is you’ll feel it when you’re ready. When in doubt, most probably, you’re not. But a VA’s world is a great world, but that’s only my opinion :).


~ Alesah






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