How Should Business Owners Choose Their VA?

How Should Business Owners Choose Their VA?

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You must be, have been or aiming to be a business owner. An entrepreneur, solopreneur, or whatchamacallit. Though you may be the best speaker, have awesome products and services on offer, you just can’t do it all. To help you start up, expand faster, help with your repetitive personal stuff, at one point you will probably need a VA or a team of VAs. Now, the question is – How Should Business Owners Choose Their VA?

Every blog has said it all, and I will just reiterate what a VA’s essential must-have’s are:


  1. A working PC with fast and reliable Internet.
  2. A quiet professional home setup.
  3. A notepad and pen
  4. Skype, Google account (Google Sheets, Docs, etc.)
  5. A Smartphone with email setup and reliable Internet.
  6. A Paypal account, or a mutually agreed mode of payment.


  1. Attitude.
  2. Aptitude.
  3. Values.
  4. Skillset.

I won’t go on and list the specifics on the intangibles. It should be reserved for self-evaluation. I listed attitude as the first item because VAs and business owners are directly dealing with each other most of the time.

The next question, I think is – Is There a Perfect VA? A screaming YES.

Must he/she be a know-it-all? A polyglot, maybe? Your very own clone? A screaming NO.

Along with the basics listed above, your PERFECT VA is someone you can trust and someone that suits your working style. No matter how great you are or how great your VA is, if you do not work in harmony, it is not going to work.

A Virtual Assistant is like a Personal Assistant or even an Executive Assistant to the owner. For the relationship to last –  There. Must. Be. Trust.

So have you asked yourself…do you need a VA? 🙂

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~ Alesah