3 Things I Love About Working with Business Coaches

As a VA, I have worked with several clients – online business owners, company managers or directors, and business/life coaches.

Amongst them, there are a few things about Business and Life Coaches that I find endearing and unique.

Here are 3 things I love about working with business coaches:

  1. They are so much willing to help: As a VA to two wonderful coaches, I know how tight their schedules can be. They drive from one client office to another during a given day. But whenever I have something unrelated to ask, they always find the time to help. I have seen them provide valuable suggestions online, and not expecting anything in return.
  2. They walk the talk: I take down notes of what transpired in a coach’s day thru dictation. I noticed that the things that they put down as part of a plan to help their clients are the same things that they had asked me to do to make things work for themselves, and to make things work for me. In other words, unlike other business people who promise or say things and do the opposite, the Coaches stick to and do exactly what they say.
  3. They are balanced. These busy people handling multiple clients in complex situations know very well how to balance work-life. That is why Business Coaches almost always are Life Coaches, too. They are also into travel, yoga, meditation, and healthy food, to name a few. They remind me to stop working long hours for them and maintain the balance. Sometimes I get free coaching sessions, too! Isn’t that awesome?

An added bonus is that, as a VA, i get first hand information of the analytical, often motivational, thoughts going through the Coach’s mind. With their words of inspiration, I get inspired first. With their push for transformation, I get to be the first in line to draw the motivation that I need.

If at some point you will need a Business and Life Coach, one go-to guy is Chris Borrett of BizLeap. Why Chris?

He has had his own share of has failures and successes so he knows what it takes to turn people’s lives around.

He has systems and processes without which it’s impossible to advance.

He knows that it’s possible to live the life you dare not even think you deserve, and understands precisely what information to impart and when, to help people achieve that goal.

Whether you’re a VA or a business owner, don’t the above encourage you to work with business coaches?

Chris also shares his insights on business strategies and personal development through his blog, http://bizleap.com.au/blog/. You may also follow him onTwitterFacebook or Pinterest.

Image Credit: Unsplash.com-Olu Eletu